Product and Technology Overview

Big data stack providing enhanced genomic testing workflow

Genomic data is notoriously challenging to work with due to reliance on data files that cannot scale, are difficult to access and provide no built-in way to integrate disparate data types. A modern big data stack is the only IT architecture proven to scale to the anticipated needs of genomic research.

OpenCB is the first proven big data system optimised for genomic data. The result of a five-year collaboration between Genomics England and the University of Cambridge, it enables genotypes (VCF) to be stored in a database.

As research moves from pre-clinical to clinical, or the interpretation results are used in a clinical setting, a clinically validated genome data storage solution is required. Zetta founders have recognised this need and using their close relationship with OpenCB, whose lead developer Ignacio Medina is also Zetta’s founding CTO, have taken OpenCB and built Xetabase – a clinically validated data architecture and software solution for genomics.

Clinical Cloud

Clinical labs face three problems in regard to management of genotype information; rapidly increasing numbers of genomic tests performed, massively increasing data volumes from more sophisticated genomic tests, and increasing demand for access to genomic information from multiple stakeholders.

The cloud enables technologies to work across labs and different healthcare systems. The architecture and the big data technologies we use make XetaBase a native solution in the cloud allowing XetaBase to scale easily and as much as required.

Clinical Compliance

It is imperative that genomic information is managed according to molecular diagnostic and data protection regulations that mandate exacting security and quality controls. OpenCB and XetaBase’s modern database architecture supports sophisticated data governance for clinical and genomic data. The architecture complies with all NHS Digital security and privacy policies, maintaining privacy by design.

OpenCB is used in production by Genomics England both in their ISO 15189 certified clinical bioinformatics pipeline and also in their world-leading Research Environment whereby the 100,000 Genomes data are made securely available for reuse by the global biomedical research community.

File-free System for Genome Data Management

XetaBase is a suite of software based on distributed
database technology for storing genotypic and clinical data:

  • Secure and fully certified data platform
  • Linear scalability
  • Increased data quality and consistency
  • Improved data access
  • Reduced cost through optimised servers
  • Real time knowledge exchange